Call to Action!!


Join Tuleyome in supporting AB3030. If passed, AB3030 would conserve at least 30 percent of the land and 30 percent of the ocean in California by 2030. By setting aside land and ocean for conservation AB3030 would provide a map for reversing the conservation, climate, and wildlife crises in California.

Contact your representatives and let them know you support AB3030!

Sample talking points:

Hello, my name is ______________ and I want to express my support for AB 3030.

  • AB 3030 makes it a goal of the state to protect 30% of lands, waters and oceans by 2030 (we estimate that 22% of lands are currently protected and an estimated 16% of oceans are protected; language in the bill is explicit of using our nations’ oceans to help meet this state goal). This is the minimum step scientists say is necessary to adequately address the extinction, climate, and biodiversity crisis.
  • Nature is in crisis around the world. Biodiversity is plummeting and the challenges to conserving nature will grow with climate change and other human-induced impacts. Nearly 686 species in California are at risk of extinction.
  • California already is a leader in protecting biodiversity. With AB 3030, California can lead national and international efforts to reverse the extinction crisis, while also increasing access to natural areas for all Californians.
  • In California, 67% of communities of color live in nature-deprived areas. The bill makes an affirmative requirement to improve access to the outdoors for all Californians, especially to low income and communities of color.
  • As we continue battling COVID-19, we need to ensure natural spaces are easily accessible and welcoming to all, for current and future generations.