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Silver Spur Ranch Overnight

Tuleyome’s Silver Spur Ranch Property is located in the heart of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. This property provides vital ecosystems and a corridor for wildlife to move north to south and east to west in the monument. The southern end of the property has steep cliffs and narrow canyons. Benmore Canyon is the main feature of the property and is dominated by large valley oaks. The North Fork of Cache Creek flows through the northwestern corner of the property providing a wonderful riparian ecosystem.

Tuleyome purchased the property in 2016 with an eye towards bringing our members to this wonderful property. This is the first event to Silver Spur to explore and enjoy the property! After setting up camp, participants will have the opportunity to explore Silver Spur with certified California Naturalist, Nate Lillge, Tuleyome’s Adventures and Engagement Director.

Participants are responsible for their own food, water, and camping equipment. (There is no potable water on site.) Please see the COVID-19 guidelines below to ensure everyone’s safety. This event may be canceled due to health and safety guidelines.

Contact Nate Lillge (nlillge@tuleyome.org) with questions.

A $10 donation to Tuleyome is requested, but is not required to participate in this event.


  • Tuleyome staff will have hand sanitizer at all events; participants are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Participants must arrive with – and have on their person at all times – a mask/face covering.
    • Outside events:
      • Unvaccinated participants must wear a mask at all times
      • Vaccinated participants must wear a mask if children aged 17 or under are present and are encouraged to wear a mask at all times
    • Inside events:
    • Each participant must have his/her own water and water bottle(s). No sharing will be allowed.
      • Exceptions:
        • Sharing within a family or ‘unit’
        • Tuleyome staff may take extra water in a clean and sanitized bottle from which to refill if needed.
        • Emergencies
      • Each participant must provide his/her own snacks, lunch, food. No sharing will be allowed.
        • Exceptions:
          • Sharing within a family or ‘unit’
          • Emergencies
        • UNVACCINATED participants must wear a mask when within 6 feet of other participants.
          • Exception:
            • Family or ‘units’

Tuleyome staff will inform all participants of these guidelines BEFORE leaving trailhead and will remind the group throughout the event.

Location Silver Spur Ranch
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