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North End Trail

Napa County

Oversight information

For the most current information on the trail's condition, closures, and fire restrictions contact the BOR.

How to Get There

Take Highway 128 to the Berryessa/Knoxville Road and turn right onto Berryessa/Knoxville Road.  Follow this road up along the north shore of Lake Berryessa.  There are several different places to turn out and access the trail including Putah Creek, La Pointe, Barton Hill, Gibson Flat, Schoolhouse Cove, Buckhorn, Blue Monday and Raccoon Lagoon (one of our favorites).

The Hike Itself

This unusually scenic trail winds along the north shore of Lake Berryessa. The trail is an easy and clear path with wonderful views down the full length of the lake to Blue Ridge, 15 miles away. With luck, you may see White Pelicans, Golden and Bald Eagles and the more common Western Grebes and Osprey.


  • Fitness: easy
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