Knoxville OHV Hunting Creek Trail

Tuleyome is in the process of submitting a preliminary grant application to the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Division, to improve portions of the Hunting Creek Trail in the Bureau of Land Management's Knoxville Management Area and invites public comments. This 18,000-acre landscape, which lies within the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, was scorched by catastrophic wildfires in 2015 and again in 2020. The Management Area, midway between Lake Berryessa and Clear Lake on the south side of Berryessa Knoxville Road, is popular year-round with off-highway vehicle (OHV) users. There are nearly 100 miles of legal OHV trails in this area, which connect to many more legal trails to the north in the remote uplands. This project will improve access and recreational opportunities, reduce erosion, and protect cultural resources in the area.

In 2023, Tuleyome led previous work on the Cedar Creek Trail and the main trail which improved user enjoyment, decreased erosion, and improved downstream water quality.

Your comments are welcomed so that we can incorporate your feedback into the final application due June 3, 2024. A detailed preliminary project description will be available soon. Please contact Nate ( with questions, comments, or for more information. Input will be accepted up to 5 pm, Monday, May 6, 2024.

Tuleyome is grateful to continue and strengthen our partnerships with Bureau of Land Management and the OHV community on these efforts.