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Judge Davis Trail

Lake County

Judge Davis Trail

oversight information

For the most current information on the trail's condition, closures, and fire restrictions contact the DFW.

How to Get There

From Yolo County, Woodland and Davis, take Highway 16 up the Capay Valley.  Once you pass the town of Rumsey, you begin to enter the Cache Creek Canyon.  The road will narrow and you will be driving with the creek on one side and the canyon walls on the other.  Continue on Highway 16 until you reach Highway 20.  Make a left on Highway 20, and the road will begin to climb uphill.  After a while, the road will begin to drop down again.  Keep your eye out for the 46.07 mile marker, and the parking area on the left of the road.  It will come up very quickly so drive carefully.  The parking areas is just at the point where the road starts to level out from the downhill portion.


The Hike Itself

The hike starts at the parking area, and the trail is through the posts to the right.  The trail parallels highway 20 for a bit, then turns sharply to the left and heads back up the canyon.  Since this is also the trailhead for the Cache Creek Ridge Trail, make sure you take the trail to the right and not the fire road behind the restroom facility.

The trail will climb until it intersects with an old fire road.  You follow this old fire road all the way to Cache Creek.  The hike is very open and the views are fabulous.  As you look down the trail, you are looking toward the Wilson Valley area.  This area is the heart of the Cache Creek Wilderness study area.  Along the way, there are several oak groves at which to stop, relax and have a snack.

NOTE: Cache Creek is impassable during high water, so the creek marks the end of this trail.  If the water is low enough, you can get to the Wilson Valley and continue on to the Redbud Trail.

Distance: 10 miles round trip from the Highway 20 trailhead to Cache Creek and back.  Total elevation gain of 1280. (If you are doing this as a backpack trip, it is another 6.25 miles to theRedbud trailhead parking area from Cache Creek, which would make for a 12.5 mile round trip).


  • Fitness: moderate
  • Visible Signage:
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  • Horses:
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