Thank You President Biden!

Thank You President Biden!

Thank you for expanding Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to include Molok Luyuk!

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Smittle Creek Trail

Napa County

Oversight information

  • This trail is overseen by the US Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Pacific Northwest Region.
  • No camping or campfires are allowed anywhere along the trail.

For the most current information on the trail's condition, closures, and fire restrictions contact the BOR.

How to Get There

Take Highway 128 to Berryessa/Knoxville Road and turn right onto Berryessa/Knoxville Road.  Follow the road up along the shore of Lake Berryessa until you reach the southern trailhead at Oak Shores Park.  Turn left and follow signs to the northern-most parking lot at Coyote Knolls. The trailhead is by the bulletin board which has a map of the trail.

There is another trailhead to north that begins at the southern end of the Smittle Creek parking lot located about a mile north of the Oak Shores entrance.  Take the steps down the hill to the bulletin board which has a map of the trail and is the trailhead. If you’re facing the bulletin board the trail will start on your right.

The Hike Itself

This 2.6 mile trail provides a fairly easy hike along Lake Berryessa’s shoreline from Smittle Creek Park to Coyote Knolls in Oak Shores Park. Just offshore can be seen Big Island and Small Island. Spring is the best time, winter is good too. Summer is the time to bring a swimsuit for a dip in a quiet cove. Dogs are allowed on leash.

The Smittle Creek Loop Trail starts to the north of the bulletin board and ends at the northern end of the parking lot. This 3/4 mile loop trail offers great views up and across the lake.

As you wind along the shore, look for the Bald Eagle nest high in a tree on Big Island.  This is an active breeding nest and Bald Eagles are frequently seen along the trail during the winter months.


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