Thank You President Biden!

Thank You President Biden!

Thank you for expanding Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument to include Molok Luyuk!

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Valley Vista Trail

Yolo County

Oversight information

  • This trail system is overseen by Yolo County.
  • No camping or campfires are allowed on any part of the trails.

For the most current information on the trail's condition, closures, and fire restrictions contact Yolo County.

NOTE: Tuleyome is working on extending this trail.  Some portions of it can be very taxing and should not be attempted by inexperienced hikers. Once the extension is completed, we'll be posting new maps.

How to Get There

From Yolo County, Woodland and Davis, take Highway 16 up the Capay Valley. Pass through Capay, Guinda, and Rumsey. Just after rumsey look for Camp Haswell Park on the right side of the highway. You'll see an abandoned stone building there, and you can park anywhere around that building.

The first trail can be accessed across the highway from Camp Haswell. There is a sign for Valley Vista Regional park at the trailhead Park on the pullout on the side of the highway. The hike winds up the side of the hill, with easy switchbacks cut into the hillside.

The second trail is past Camp Haswell, around the bend and past the bridge over Cache Creek. After crossing the Highway 16 bridge over Cache Creek, park on the side of the road immediately after the bridge, on the north side of the road. The hike starts at a gate on the south side of the road, immediately before the bridge, so you will have to walk back across the bridge to reach the trail. There is no parking directly at the trailhead.

The Hike Itself

Starting from across the highway from Camp Haswell, the trail rises up to join an existing trail which leads from the base of the hill at the highway, up to a high point known as Rumsey Knob. Rumsey Knob is a scenic overlook of the Capay Valley and Rumsey Canyon. It's steep up to the spur ridge to the overlook, rising 1700 feet in 2 miles. A nice hike is up to the first knoll (about 1.3 miles each way) with a picnic table for eating lunch and enjoying the view. Portions of the trail can be steep, so bring good shoes and hiking poles.

Distance: 4 mile round trip, if you go all the way to the overlook and back. Some continue on a fire break up toward Blue Ridge and Fiske Peak. A portion of this is bushwhacking up to the ridge, once the fire break ends.


  • Fitness: difficult
  • Visible Signage:
  • Parking:
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  • Restrooms:
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