Jim Eaton

Jim Eaton was a lifelong champion for wild places in California and his impact will be felt for many years. Tuleyome is just one of his many success stories.

In 2001, Andrew Fulks asked for a meeting with Jim, Bob Schneider, and Lois Wolk (Yolo County Supervisor 1998-2002) to talk about access to public lands in Yolo County. Out of the meeting came an idea for a new organization, which became Tuleyome in 2002. Jim co-founded Tuleyome, then joined the Board of this new organization to help set the course.

Tuleyome’s first project was the designation of Cache Creek as a California Wild and Scenic River. The goal was to protect Cache Creek from below the Clear Lake Dam to Camp Haswell in Yolo County and on the North Fork from Highway 20 to the confluence with Bear Creek. Cache Creek truly is a “wild and scenic river” one “which posess[es] extraordinary scenic, recreational, fishery, or wildlife values.” In 2005 Cache Creek received this designation, preserving its free-flowing state and the immediate environment “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people of the state.”

Concurrently, Tuleyome worked in support of Congressman Mike Thompson’s North West California Wild Heritage Act of 2006 that designated the Cedar Roughs and Cache Creek Wilderness Areas and expanded the Snow Mountain Wilderness Area. Additionally, Tuleyome purchased important conservation lands and easements, worked on access to Berryessa Peak, and led hikes and raft trips to introduce youth to the outdoors.

All of these successes led to the concept of Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, which was designated by President Obama on July 10, 2015.

Tuleyome is indebted to Jim for his inspiration, dedication, vision, and inclusivity. California as a whole and the Berryessa Snow Mountain region in particular is protected because of his love for our public lands.

“So many experiences shared with Jim, Wendy, and their dogs. In all things Wilderness, Jim was a guiding light. Forming the California Wilderness Coalition or climbing up Mt Shasta, Jim’s laughter, smile and presence made for an awesome experience. I miss you Jim. And, yet you are here in my soul.” Bob Schneider, Tuleyome co-founder, former Tuleyome Board member and member of Tuleyome Advisory Council

“I served with Jim on the Tuleyome board in 2005, right after the Cache Creek Wild and Scenic River designation. Jim was usually quite soft-spoken but nonetheless radiated a sense of enormous solidity backed up by long experience and impeccable credentials. Whenever he participated in the discussion his comments were always received with the respect they so amply deserved and most often brought the clarity to end the discussion. A great man, who has done more for the natural world than most of us can even imagine.” Victoria Brandon, President, Tuleyome Board of Directors

“I cherish the times I spent with Jim. He was a real mentor, friend, and inspiration for me to continue to be passionate about the outdoors. Every wilderness area I visit in California makes me think of Jim, particularly Snow Mountain. I’ve never known that NOT to be a wilderness, thanks in large part to his efforts. That’s an enduring legacy for humanity and wild spaces, and I feel honored to have walked with one of the giants of conservation.” Andrew Fulks, Tuleyome co-founder, former Tuleyome Board member and member of Tuleyome Advisory Council

“I don’t have any doubt that meeting Jim in the 1970s was part of the formative experiences that led me to include conservation activism as a major touchstone for the rest of my life. I’m equally sure that Jim’s dedication had similar effects on a variety of other lifelong conservation activists, including Steve Evans, Don Morrill, Anne Schneider, and Bob Schneider. Thank you, Jim; blessings and honor be unto you.” Dr. Chad Roberts, Tuleyome co-founder, former Tuleyome Board member

Jim’s Celebration of Life will be on Saturday, June 10, 2023, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM at 2320 Goldberry Lane, Davis, CA 95616. A memorial hike in the Snow Mountain Wilderness is also being planned for this summer. For more details on the Celebration of Life, the hike, and to share your memories of Jim, please visit his memorial page here.

We’ll see you on the trails, Jim.