Wildflower Tour – Bear Valley FULL!


Join botany expert Glen Holstein, Ph.D., on a wildflower tour in the Berryessa Snow Mountain Snow Mountain National Monument region. The tour will include some of the best wildflower viewing areas in the region and Glen will lead discussions about the types of wildflowers, the conditions needed for each species to grow, and how past and present human activity is impacting wildflowers. Most of this tour will be done by automobile with stops that will allow for photographing and educational tidbits. The tour usually takes all day and fills up fast, so sign up quickly to be a part of it. Participants will meet at the Guinda Post Office at 9:00 AM.

Questions? Contact Nate Lillge at nlillge@tuleyome.org.

Note: All participants agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Tuleyome’s waiver of liability which can be see and downloaded HERE. All participants also understand that photographs will be taken at the event. If you do not wish to be photographed, you must tell the photographer and avoid the camera’s line of sight.

A $10 donation to Tuleyome is suggested.

Tuleyome is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety during the current COVID pandemic. This tour is IN PERSON. Participants will be required to adhere to public health guidelines, including wearing a mask and maintaining social distance at all times. Anyone who does not comply with Tuleyome’s safety guidelines (below) will be asked to leave the tour.

Tuleyome Guidelines During COVID-19


  • Tuleyome staff will have hand sanitizer at all events; participants are encouraged to bring their own..
  • Participants must arrive with – and have on their person at all times – a mask/face covering.
  • Each participant must have his/her own water and water bottle(s). No sharing will be allowed.
    • Exceptions:
      • Sharing within a family or ‘unit’
      • Tuleyome staff may take extra water in a clean and sanitized bottle from which to refill if needed.
      • Emergencies
    • Each participant must provide his/her own snacks, lunch, food. No sharing will be allowed.
      • Exceptions:
        • Sharing within a family or ‘unit’
        • Emergencies
      • Participants must maintain AT LEAST 6 feet distance during:
        • Introductions
        • Breaks (including meals)
        • While hiking
        • Exceptions:
          • Family or ‘units’
          • Trail/terrain does not SAFELY accommodate 6 feet distance (e.g. passing another group on trail)
          • Emergencies
        • Masks must be worn:
          • When passing another group on trail
          • Whenever people are within 6 feet of each other
            • Exception:
              • Family or ‘units’
            • Tuleyome staff will inform all participants of these guidelines BEFORE leaving trailhead and will remind the group throughout the event.
Starts 9:00 AM
Ends 2:00 PM