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Many folks don’t really know it, but Tuleyome is a land trust.

So what does that mean?  It means that Tuleyome, as a part of our mission as a nonprofit conservation organization, actively works to conserve ecologically and historically significant pieces of land and/or easements in the region.  We do this by purchasing properties, undertaking and assisting in conservation easements, and stewarding the land.  Sometimes, we hold onto properties indefinitely; at other times we hold them in trust until they can be turned over to other reserves or land trusts throughout the region.

What are conservation easements? A “conservation easement” is one of the most common ways to protect land for conservation purposes that is owned by a private landowner.  A legal agreement is voluntarily forged between the land owner and the land trust that permanently limits uses on the land in order to protect its ecological and conservation value by restricting how the land can be used or altered.  The land covered by the easement can still be owned, sold, or passed onto the landowner’s heirs, but the limits defined in the conservation easement agreement remains in place in perpetuity. The easement “runs with the land”.

You can see some examples of our properties and conservation easements on our website.  Other easements have allowed for access to Berryessa Peak – a public site that had been landlocked by private landholders for over 150 years.

Donating land for conservation purposes in one of the most noble and impactful legacies a landowner can leave for future generations.  If you have property you may be interested in donating, please contact us.  We have a lot of experience in the process and can help make the transition easy for you.

Leave a Lasting Legacy!  Donate Land to Tuleyome.

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