Secretary Haaland Visits Molok

Secretary Haaland Visits Molok

Congressman Mike Thompson, Secretary Deb Haaland, BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning, Sandra Schubert, Congressman John Garamendi on Molok Luyuk

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East Shore Trail

Napa County

Oversight Information

For the most current information on the trail's condition, closures, and fire restrictions contact the BOR.

How to Get There

The East Shore hike is a shoreline walk along the lakeside in the Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area.  For more detailed information see our Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area page.

The east shore of Lake Berryessa is an undeveloped wildlife area backed by cattle ranches. A large variety of raptors and water fowl may be viewed along the shoreline including White Pelicans, Golden and Bald Eagles, Western Grebes, Cormorants and many species of ducks.

The well maintained gravel East Shore Ranch and Fire Access Road allows public access for almost six miles of the shoreline starting from the Knoxville-Berryessa Road and extending south to a turn-around loop. The area between the road and the water is the Lake Berryessa Wildlife Area. The road provides public access to the Wildlife Area as well as ranch and fire access. The Wildlife Area extends south from the end of the gravel road to the dam and is accessible by foot and by boat.

Note that the somewhat confusing “Closed Area” signs mean only that the area behind the sign is closed to off-road vehicle use. Unless otherwise noted, foot access is allowed and hikers are welcome.

There are two pedestrian access gates through the fence that runs on the lake side of the road. The first gate (labeled E1) is 0.2 miles from the Knoxville-Berryessa Road and allows access to the northern end of the Wildlife Area. Parking is available across the gravel road and a short distance to the north of the gate. The second gate (labeled E14 – see photo above) is 5.5 miles from the Knoxville-Berryessa Road and

allows access to the middle of the Wildlife Area. Short trails lead from each gate to the shore.

While the entire Wildlife Area is open to hikers and bird watchers, visitors should be aware that rattlesnakes inhabit the tall grass and thistle that cover much of the area. Signs posted on the fences give regulations governing the Wildlife Area. There are 15 numbered metal gates (labeled E1 to E15) along the public access road. Hikers may climb over any of these gates to access the Wildlife Area.

All of the land to the east (away from the lake) side of the road is private property and not open to the public. Please obey all “no trespassing” and “private property” signs and respect the privacy of the landowners adjacent to the wildlife area. Private ranches and residences are NOT appropriate resources for information about the wildlife area, water, or toilet facilities.

The Hike Itself

Once you’ve accessed to the gravel East Shore Ranch and Fire Access Road, the hike is an easy one.  Just follow the road along the shore of Lake Berryessa.  Enjoy!  ((And share any photos you take with Tuleyome on our Facebook page!))


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